The horror movies industry attracts viewers Online

The horror movies industry attracts viewers from every part of the world and from all walks of life. Horror movies are popular because they are part of modern life -they bring in the box office bucks.

As the people, especially children and teens continue to watch them, they become more eager to continue exploring the horror genre. Even though they are thus popular and liked by kids and teens, little is known about the long-lasting psychological impacts they can create on this group of viewers. That is why it is crucial to explore the lasting effects of horror movies on the young viewers –kids and teenagers.

Below these effects are explored:

Anxiety and Fears
Even though it is not an easy task to predict the horror movie viewers who may develop anxiety or fear/phobia disorders, children and teens have a higher risk as compared to adults. From biology, it is understood that cognitive development is dependent on schemas, which are the ways of understanding the universe. People's schemas do change as they grow.

Since kids and teens do not have the life experience that can aid them in putting the horror movies into perspective, they are at a very high of lingering anxiety or fears.

Disturbances During Sleep

The other long-term impact that horror movies can have on children and teens is disturbance during sleep. As a matter of fact, even adults have difficulties in having peaceful sleep immediately after watching a horror movie. They continue to see shadows in their sleep, continue to hear the noises in the horror movies, and even have nightmares. For some, those effects can be temporary whereas to some the effects may persist for a weeks, months, or years.


Thirdly, horror movies may make the viewers turn out to be violent with time. When the viewers watch these horror movies, they sometimes want to practice what they have seen. Those with delinquent behavior may even want to employ the techniques they learned in the movie to their violent or aggressive activities. When violence depicted in the movie is mixed with sexual assault, it is even more harmful to the teens who are struggling with their developing sexuality.

Addressing the Effects of Horror Movies

The wise men said that an issue that is known halfway it is halfway solved. The long-lasting effects discussed above can be addressed if the following guidelines are taken into consideration. The parents should know what to let their children watch. If a child of teen is unable to distinguish fantasy from reality, the parent can prevent their children from watching the horror movies until the right time. It is the responsibility of parents to decide what their children watch and when they watch it. The right age of introducing children to horror movies is when they are 15 and above depending on how the child or teen reacts to the horror movie.

There are movies that may not be introduced to not only children, but also teenagers, and those are the horror movies containing sexual assaults.

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